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Water Is Life: 10 Powerful Benefits of a Bath Soak

Water is a precious resource. Treat it with respect and take a bath like you mean it.

Whether you call it self-care, spa life, time-out or me time, bath soaks are real medicine for the soul. We consider ourselves quite the bath aficionados and firmly believe in using baths as spa therapy for all types of ailments. While balneotherapy deserves more studies, the evidence that baths have powerful benefits has been there for years. In fact, studies have shown that being near water is good for our mental health because it helps soothe anxiety and boost our mood. The father of medicine himself, Hippocrates, prescribed and documented hydrotherapy as a powerful treatment. When you enjoy meditating to the sound of waves, swimming in the lake, drinking water, or playing a water sport, you are taking part in healing and nurturing yourself with the powerful force that is water. Think a bout it, in times of stress, we are often offered water as a calming antidote. Water is a life source, and bathing in water helps us feel renewed and rejuvenated. If you consider yourself more of a shower person, we urge you to reconsider and come over to the bath side once or twice a week. Here are all the benefits you could be getting from a bath soak.

10 Benefits of a Bath Soak

Bath soaks calm your nerves and help you learn mindfulness by making you take a pause, stay in the moment, and focus on the present. Make waves with your hands, pay attention to the movements of your body and inhale the scent of your favorite bath oil. In another words, it helps you get into a meditative state of mind, get back in your body and even fight anxiety.

Bath soaks have a superpower effect on relaxing tight muscles, therefore the psyche. When your muscles loosen up and you feel less pain, your mind relaxes. Combine your bath water with Epsom salt or any replenishing salt soak. The warm water, combined with magnesium, helps improve circulation and reduce inflammation.

Bath soaks right before bedtime have the ability to help you fall asleep faster. Besides relaxing you, a hot bath one or two hours before bedtime will likely result in better and deeper sleep. Studies have shown that when we soak in a warm bath the increased blood circulation helps rid us of warmth through our hands and feet, therefore lowering the core body temperature. Since our body temperature lowers around bedtime, giving the process a nudge will help you fall asleep faster.

Bath soaks act as a mild anti-depressant or mood booster (at least we find it helpful). Deciding to take a bath when you feel low is a great choice. Although there are not enough studies done to prove that bath soaks can be a real treatment for depression, balneotherapy has been practiced for centuries at spas and hospitals. The only way to prove it is by seeing if a bath soak can be your personal mood booster.

Bath soaks soothe itchy and dry skin. Use lukewarm water and hydrating ingredients. We like to add a bath oil or colloidal oatmeal to our bath in order to resolve itching and eczema.

Bath soaks help reduce blood pressure. Hydrotherapy can be used to improve cardio-health, however people with heart disease should be careful when entering a hot tub. Try limiting your time in the bath to 10 minutes. Always check with your doctor first. Cardio health brings us to bath soaks helping your body feel as if you had a workout session.

Bath soaks are similar to exercise. Bath soaks should not replace your exercise but hot-water immersion does help you burn calories through sweat, reducing inflammation and even controling blood sugar levels.

Bath soaks allow you to breathe better. A warm bath and steam allow you to clear your chest and sinuses. When you are soaking in warm water up to your neck, your heart works faster, allowing for more oxygen. Breathe in a lavender or eucalyptus scented product and relax!

Bath soaks boost your immunity. They even help you fight your cold and flu symptoms, shortening the length of recovery. When you find yourself suffering from a case of the sniffles, try using epsom salts and essential oils to soothe achy muscles and sinus inflammation.

Bath soaks allow for creativity. Have you ever noticed that when you take a bath or shower, you turn to internal thoughts? This is when our best ideas come to mind. Try keeping a pen and paper near to write down those important ideas.

We’ve tested many bath products throughout the years. Here are a few that will help you compliment your bath like no other.

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Disclaimer: Our content should in no way be taken as medical advice. Always consult with a board-certified doctor.


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