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Expert Feng Shui Bedroom Tips For Couples

Making small changes in our home environment can often create a powerful shift in our mood and our lives. Take the pressure off Valentine’s Day with Feng Shui. The bedroom is where your love thrives, so make sure your environment is properly set up to help your relationship in positive ways. For expert tips we went to an influential Feng Shui consultant, Judith Wendell. Judith Wendell is a well-known New York City Feng Shui expert; focusing on design, space clearing and teaching the Feng Shui philosophy. Before construction goes up, she is the one who gets called in to clear the space. Even if you think the spiritual aspect of Feng Shui might not be for you, the Chinese concept of Feng Shui provides practical tips that can be applied to our everyday lives.

  1. The position of your bed is most important. You should have a clear view of the door without being in line with its path.  This usually means that the bed is diagonally across from the door.  If the bed must be in the direct path of the door a round clear crystal could be suspended from the ceiling to help disperse the oncoming Chi (the Chinese word for energy).  
  2. Equally important is having a solid headboard.  A headboard is symbolic of having a protective mountain at your back.  It also acts as a unifier of relationship – two acting as one.  Wrought iron or open lattice headboards do not accomplish this. 
  3. Energy must flow into your bedroom for a relationship to flourish.  Make sure your bedroom door is unobstructed and swings freely thus symbolizing open and clear communications between you and your partner. 
  4. Also, do not store things under your bed which can limited the healthy flow of energy.
  5. Next, to have a balanced relationship the bed must also be balanced by having equal access on both sides.  Each side of the bed should have a night table and lamp and never get cluttered.  It is also important that your box spring be of one piece – undivided.  Otherwise, an energetic ‘split’ occurs over time.
  6. Other than the bed, the area of the bedroom that is most significant for a good relationship is the SW or back right hand side of the room.  This is the area that is considered to represent marriage, partnership, romance and nurturing. 
  7. For decor healthy plants are a good symbol here for your growing relationship.  Pictures of the two of you (or anything in pairs), fresh flowers and candles particularly in the colors red, white or pink, strengthen this area.  An oval or round mirror in this area can be a symbol of expanding unity and wholeness in your relationship. The color of your bedroom can range from terracotta to the softest pink because these are the colors associated with joy, love, and romance. But the color peach is not considered a stable one for a long lasting relationship…but good for sexual encounters.  Beige, brown, yellow and taupe are fine for the bedroom too, because these colors represent trust, connection, and growth.  Relationships desirous of ensuring sensual bliss should use red or pink sheets. If this does not fit your personal taste, try putting a red sheet on the underside of the mattress (next to the box spring).  Red is considered a particularly auspicious color.  It connotes happiness, sensuality and act as a protector.
  8. It is important to always crack at window again allowing for the healthy flow of air and chi.
    Start to recognize that everything holds a vibration and potential meaning.  In this way you can put the meaning you want in your bedroom and relationship.  Placing mundane and transcendental objects (i.e. a crystal) with intention is a big part of what give them potency.  And who does want a potent relationship!?

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