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Cultivated Beauty: Products We Tested, Loved & Deemed Worthy of Your Money

With so many brands on the market these days, the aisles of beauty shops can get a bit crowded and confusing. We like to keep beauty simple. You will not find a ten step routine on Cultivated, but you will find effective skincare that does the job so your skin looks and feels its best.

Products We are Loving Right Now

Nécessaire Eucalyptus Deodorant is a creamy deodorant that doesn’t waste a drop. The elegant packaging ensures the cream comes out in small amounts, plus it just looks great hanging out in the bathroom. What’s inside? A gentle, effective complex of Mandelic – and Lactic Acids that help neutralize odor, while Silica, Zinc, and Kaolin Clay help keep you dry. We love the creamy texture and modern scent. Plus it contains no aluminum, baking soda, synthetic fragrance, or parabens. It is everything we look for in a deodorant.

Summer Fridays Super Amino Gel Cleanser feels so refreshing you will never skip washing your face at night. As with all Summer Fridays products, this cleanser makes you feel like you are on a well-deserved holiday. The light scent and gel texture provide gently take care of your face and your senses. This gel cleanser a restoring cocktail of 11 amino acids with a splash of mineral-rich seawater. This cleanser is a keeper for all seasons.

Magari Skin Care Liquid Youth is a multitasker unlike we have ever seen before. A bottle of Liquid Youth contains all you need to skip a long routine: Hyaluronic Acid, marine extracts, Vitamin C, Biotin, Peptides and more. On a lazy day all you have to do is spritz it on your clean skin, let it soak in, and feel good about it. You will want to bathe in this stuff. In order to get to know the brand further, we reached out to one of the founders. Here is what makes this product and brand so special.

At Magari our ideology is simple — create powerhouse products through ingredient pairing technologies and tested results. Our designs are sexy and luxurious, while having no gender, or bias when it comes to our approach to scent and design. Magari strives to create an inclusive brand that gives everyone results regardless of gender, age or skin color. We wanted to create a brand that transcends time and brings out the inherent beauty we all have. We want the future of skincare to be an elevated luxurious experience for all that declutters that 15 step routine to just a few core powerhouse products that truly deliver results, and look sexy on the counter while doing it.” – Montgomery Nicholas, Co-Founder

Shani Daren Texture Reform has been on our list of products to try for a while now. Getting our hands on it felt like a hallelujah moment. We don’t shy away from using retinol but wanted to start with a gentler version of the Retinol Reform first. Don’t worry, it still contains all the anti-aging benefits. One use was enough to convince us of its effectiveness. What’s inside? It is formulated with 5% retinyl palmitate, a mild retinoid, boosting collagen production and improving cell turnover to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, dark spots, acne scars, and uneven texture. In addition, it contains 7% lactic acid and soothing ingredients such as aloe vera (always a favorite) to gently exfoliate for brighter, more youthful-looking skin. Waking up to smoother and brighter skin was all the convincing we needed to become a repeat customer.

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