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The Duo, Carlos Lamarche and Jason Lundy, That Brought Us Salt Therapy During The Pandemic

SALT Live Energized Spa

Carlos Lamarche and Jason Lundy want you to pay more attention to your lungs. The wellness duo opened SALT Live Energized in Soho because they saw an unfulfilled need. As with any city, New York is polluted. Soot, diesel fumes, noises, second hand smoke and chemical emissions pollute the city on a daily basis and while New Yorkers have come to live with it as an unavoidable part of the city’s charm, they deserve better. Seeking respite in the city that never sleeps can be hard but not impossible. Salt Live Energized opened before Covid, but since the pandemic, more and more New Yorkers have come to SALT to experience the power of salt therapy. We had our own experience at SALT and it was a breath of fresh air. Once you are in the salt room, the salt can be felt and seen. The natural anti-bacterial salt air widens your airways, loosens clinging mucus, and reduces inflammation. Breathing becomes not just easier, but more fulfilling. The non-inhaled particles of salt land on exposed skin, helping with skin hydration, balancing pH, and inducing reparative and regenerative processes in the skin (such as stimulating cell growth and microcirculation). From beginning to end, Carlos Lamarche and Jason Lundy make you feel like family. It is a day at the beach and you don’t have to leave the city to go there.

Q and A with Carlos Lamarche and Jason Lundy

Cultivated: Why Salt Therapy? What made you want to concentrate your powers on respiratory health?

Think of all of the ways we try and take care of ourselves today – beyond eating organic, filtering our water, and working out.  We watch cholesterol for heart health.  Liver and kidney detoxes.  Colon cleanses.  Herbs for clearer thinking.  Herbs for better sleeping. 

But we do almost nothing for our lungs; the organs responsible for getting us the oxygen we need to live.  We thought it was time to highlight that – especially for people who live in cities and breathe polluted air. 

SALT provides a safe, all-natural detox to help you breathe better and rid the body of airborne pollutants.

Cultivated: Salt therapy in the city isn’t new, but the way you do salt therapy is different. What makes it different?

We provide a very unique and effective service.  We’re America’s largest premium dry salt therapy center and we approach our therapy very intentionally with a focus on immediate efficacy.  In our semi-private treatment room we provide relaxing chaises where clients can do intentional breathing exercises and we have them individual iPods and wireless Bose headsets with meditations and earth/ocean sounds to help calm and center them.  Everyone who leaves SALT reacts the same way, “I can feel it!”

Pharmaceutical grade salt is ground into micrometer-sized particles by a professional-grade halogenerator.

Cultivated: Is it safe to visit SALT during the pandemic? 

We’re one of the safest places to be!  SALT is antibacterial, antimicrobial, and anti-fungal but more importantly we only put a maximum of two parties (no more than 4 people total) in our 550 SQ FT room.  Everyone is separated by seven foot tall curtains, no one is near you, and no one works on you.  You just breathe our SALT air.  It’s one of the safest treatments you can find – a lot safer than shopping in a store or dining in a restaurant!

Cultivated: New Yorkers need more wellness escapes in their lives. Are you thinking of opening more locations or other types of healing spaces?

Yes, it has always been our intention to expand to other parts of the city and country.  Post-COVID, that’s true now more than ever.  People are increasingly aware of the importance of maintaining a healthy respiratory system.

Cultivated: Lastly, what are some ways you unwind in your personal life (besides hanging out at SALT)? 

We love the beach, partially because one of us grew up in the Dominican Republic and partially because we spend a lot of our time on Fire Island where it’s easy to find a calm place to be with the earth and ocean.  We do a lot of meditating there and hanging out with our dogs.  We can’t always get there, though, so we’ve developed  a treatment that combines dry SALT air therapy with LightStim™ LED light facial treatment.  You feel like you’ve spent an hour on the beach without ever leaving SoHo!  Everyone should try it.  It’s the ultimate escape in the city.  We do it every day we can.

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