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Earth Day 2021: This Year’s Winners of Best Sustainable Skincare Products On The Market

Earth Day began in 1970, but the ways which we celebrate, appreciate and look at planet health has changed. Big brands and publications are starting to pay a lot more attention to what we consume and how we consume it. Consumers demand transparency and healthier ways to live, not just for themselves, but for Mother Earth as well. With that said, there is a lot more work to do. Celebrate Earth by being a conscious consumer – buy less, and when you do buy, do it with planet health in mind.

Love Your Mother With Brands That Care

Aveda Shampoo Bar

Aveda’s Limited-edition Shampure™ Nurturing Shampoo Bar is just the latest example of the brand’s initiative to give us quality products but no unnecessary waste. If you need more of a push to fall in love with this gentle hair cleanser — $5 from each purchase helps charity bringing water to those in need. It is safe to say that Aveda has their finger on the pulse of sustainability in beauty, especially the state of packaging and its impact.

Recycle Your Weleda empties with TerraCycle

Weleda harnesses the power of nature and packages it using recycled materials. This brand takes recycling so seriously they partnered with TerraCycle. TerraCycle®’s mission is to “Eliminate the Idea of Waste”. You can send in your used tubes and glass; they will turn it into a new product. From Weleda’s European manufacturing facilities using energy from 100% renewable sources, to their partnerships with farms that respect and foster nature, the brand does a lot to ensure a sustainable legacy. The brand products make a great gift for an eco-conscious friend.

Bamford Jasmine Bath Oil

In their own words: Bamford’s philosophy rejects the throwaway culture of modern living. Bamford products are representative of slow living, and we cannot get enough of their range of products, especially the bath oils. The spa brand is mindful of packaging, organic and sustainable farming, natural ingredients and ethical sourcing.

Dr. Hauschka skincare

Dr. Hauschka is known for being a thoughtful brand and a pioneer in the clean beauty market. Their focus has always been natural medicine and respecting Mother Nature. It is their ecologically conscious methods of growing and sourcing ingredients that makes them the perfect candidate for our list, but truthfully their products have always been at the top of our list for an effective beauty routine. If you never tried the brand – run, don’t walk, to your nearest Dr. Hauschka aisle.

Cosmydor Face Cleanser

Kosmydor is a French brand that checks off everything on our list of sustainability and quality: no plastic containers, minimum carbon footprint, natural and fresh products and soon more eco-refill availability. The 100% artisanal botanical skincare is one-of-a-kind, with exceptional focus on natural ingredients. Kosmydor’s highly-effective products will have you coming back for more.

LOLI Date Nut Brûlée

LOLI is more than mindful, they are transparent and take zero-waste seriously. Stir up your own mask from their food-grade yogurt vessels and get it delivered in certified compostable boxes. LOLI’s mission is to take beauty back to simplicity and natural effectiveness. We love the way their products and packaging looks like something you would buy in a farmers market. Their fresh approach to beauty, plus their ethical practices, is why we think this brand is worthy of exploring and celebrating.

Happy Earth Day!

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