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Celebrating 10 Years of Global Wellness Day With Focus On Mental Health

Dreaming of experiencing a yoga class in Budapest or a meditation session in Bali? Now you can. June 12th is Global Wellness Day (GWD) and the countdown to their 12 hour live stream, filled with free wellness content, is on. Four Seasons all over the world will provide free fitness, spiritual and other stress-relieving sessions for anyone ready to say yes to better health.

What is Global Wellness Day? The social project, launched by founder Belgin Aksoy, is meant to place emphasis on healthy living for everyone. The day allows participants to learn and celebrate self-care for the body and the mind. While it is called Global Wellness Day, what you learn from it is that you can take your new wellness skills and habits, then apply them into your life 365 days a year. Their 7 Day Manifesto is proof of that. Over the last 10 years many countries have taken part in the social project and helped promote it. This year is special to us because the theme shines a bright spotlight on protecting our mental wellness. Many are coming out of the pandemic without knowing how to cope with our feelings and stress that accumulated in the last year and a half. Experts, like Cesar Tejedor, Director of Cesar Wellness and Massage Around the World, will discuss mental wellness and provide useful tips. Promoting better mental wellness is what Cultivated Magazine is all about, and we cannot wait to take part in this year’s GWD festivities.

Be Your Own Wellness Hero by Trying The 7 Day Manifesto

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