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World Bathing Day: Celebrate Water With A Special Bath Soak

Water deserves a celebration. World Bathing Day highlights the many ways cultures use water for wellness, but more importantly it puts a spotlight on the plight of people who do not have access to an abundance of clean drinking or bathing water.

Rooted in ancient spa culture, bathing, soaking, washing, floating and showering can take on many forms, each personal to the individual. Bathing represents history, community, health, healing, and life. We could not live without water. When you take a bath or a drink of water, remember that you are fortunate, remember to save water, and remember that it takes a united effort to keep our water source clean.

On this World Bathing Day we honor the tranquil healing water brings with a soak, and we savor the soak with special products that add to our wellbeing.

Easy ways you can respect and celebrate water:

  1. Do not let your faucet water run while brushing your teeth or shaving your beard.
  2. Use your bath water to water house plants.
  3. Take a bath. Showers waste more water.
  4. Do not use your dishwasher or washing machine for a few items, wait until they get full.

Cultivate Wellness With Special Bath Soaks

Daughter of The Land CBD Lavender + Vetiver Bath Soak

Laguna Herbals Love – Pink Himalayan Bath Salt

Salt Live Energized Tangerine Sage Salt Soak

Lola’s Apothecary Queen of Roses Bath Milk

Rituals Magnesium Bath Crystals

Naturacentric Apothecary Love N’ Roses Bath Salt

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