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Witches, Psychics, Shamans and Mystics You Should be Following On Instagram Right Now

Forget everything you think you know about witches, psychics or shamans. Society, films and even the media, have brainwashed us to fear the unknown, but social platforms are slowly changing the way we view spirituality and old religions though individual stories. It might surprise you to know that people accused of being a witch were simply herbalists, healers and midwives. Today’s witches feel no need to hide, although some still choose to keep their practice private, making connecting with a likeminded coven a breeze. Instagram is one of the best places to highlight your work through photography and videos, network, and even get tips on becoming a witch or shaman yourself. When seeking a shaman or psychic nothing compares to one-on-one meetings, but social media allows us to cast a wider net. Whatever type of spiritual fulfillment or answers you seek, these Instagram accounts happily provide. We highlight accounts that help us get inspired, celebrate our differences and teach us to keep an open mind.

We present our list of Witches, Psychics, Shamans and Mystics to follow right now.

Mystic Mama

Mystic, artist and writer, Mijanou Montealegre is your number one source for astrology reporting. Every full moon we cannot wait for her and her collaborators take on what the universe has in store for us. Not only is Mijanou Montealegre a talented writer, her incredible collage artwork inspires us to dig deeper and live an authentic life.

Enter the Mystic Mama Shop for limited edition prints of digital art collages by Mijanou Montealegre.

The HoodWitch

Bruja, artist, storyteller, Bri Luna, is the mastermind behind The HoodWitch. The HoodWitch grew into a brand that stands out and often gets recognized for creating an online community where there was none. As a Black and Mexican woman, Bri Luna did not see herself represented and decided to do something about it.

“Being a Black and Mexican woman, I always want to feel like I’m being represented, but that was missing. Classes and workshops that were available were primarily focused on Eurocentric forms of spirituality and Pagan traditions. Not so much African or Indigenous or Mexican.” — Bri Luna

Shop smudging sticks or book a reading with The HoodWitch.

The Lioness Oracle

Tarot reader, artist, and occult aficionado, Alejandra Luisa Leon, followed her dreams in search of genuine living and spirituality. She is succeeding in more away than one. Alejandra’s love of tarot prompted her to create gorgeous tarot decks that will make you swoon. Follow her to see what else she can do.

To purchase tarot decks, visit The Lioness Oracle.


Witch and feminist Erica Feldmann, managed to create a one-of-a kind healing space in Salem Massachusetts, America’s number one Halloween destination. If you find yourself in Salem, HausWitch sells home, skincare, and healing products. Erica Fedlmann has attracted a community that collaborates with brands, covens and artists. The shop is a safe space to gather and get inspired.

We make sure to stop by HausWitch for Spell Kits, witchy decor and to discover new skincare brands.

Bill Crisafi

Artist and co-creator/owner of Burial Ground, Bill Crisafi, will bless your feed with fun artwork and creativity of someone nostalgic for the victorian style of old New England. If you fancy yourself to be an occult-student and enjoy a break from the usual follow both accounts for daily inspiration.


Halloween is almost around the corner, shop Bill Crisafi’s art and accessories or Burial Ground jewelry for your fellow witchy life enthusiast.

Anima Mundi Herbals / Adriana Ayales

Herbalism is its own form of witch craft. Herbalist, Adriana Ayales Boom, created Anima Mundi Herbals, bridging ancient remedies with the modern world. The results speak for themselves. Anima Mundi Herbals has a large following because the apothecary brings self-healing to individuals and brands alike. The herbs are sustainably sourced and with a simply click of a website you can start taking charge of your body and your mood.

To shop follow Anima Mundi Herbals, and to gain insight into the life of a Costa Rican seer follow Anima Mundi Herbal’s head bruja, Adriana Ayales Boom.

Mama Medicine

If you have yet to acquaint yourself with Deborah Hanekamp (aka: Mama Medicine), do yourself a favor and follow her now. The renowned shaman shares our belief in being your own healer. Mama Medicine reads, teaches and heals in her New York space, on retreats, and with take-home tools. If you like what you see on Instagram, we highly recommend booking a Medicine Reading.

Join Mama Medicine in-person for an intensive immersion into the empowerment of Being Your Own Healer in Miami on October 20.

Thoughtful Bear

Vegan Recipe and Content Creator and self-described Eclectic Brujo, Joseph Cuevas, has been a lifelong witch (I should know, we met in High School). He introduced me to culinary magic and how important it is to celebrate holidays with the right ingredients at your table. Joseph Cuevas lives authentically every day, infusing magic into every day life. You do not want to miss his recipes and thoughts on all things occult.

Thoughtful Bear Hibiscus Mojo recipe

Visit Thoughtful Bear and learn how to make vegan magic.

Annabel Margaret

Green witch, YouTuber and aspiring herbalist, Annabel Margaret, actively seeks nature and shares her journey through beautiful videos. Annabel’s videos are addictive because her voice is calming and transports you into another world. The videographer shares recipes, magic and moments from her private life, including her struggle with a chronic illness (Ehlers-Danlos syndrome). This talented witch does not let the disorder define her. In fact, she enjoys making food even though she cannot eat it.

Follow Annabel’s videos of the natural world on YouTube or Patrean.

Madame Pamita

Reader, teacher, author, rootworker, and the proprietress of Madame Pamita’s Parlour of Wonders, Madame Pamita highlights folk magic (more specifically slavic magic). Madame Pamita’s online emporium helps beginners learn about tarot reading and gain insight into doing shellwork.

Madame Pamita’s latest book (coming April 2022), Baba Yaga Book of Witchcraft promises to be filled with storytelling and tools to help you understand Baba Yaga’s craft. We cannot wait to discover the Baba Yaga within.

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