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Beauty Files: Skincare Finds We Tried and Loved!

A Love Letter From Nature to Your Skin!

When you find a special product, it deserves praise! We look to cultivate a routine that is natural, environmentally friendly, and effective. Our passion for skincare is deep. Whatever touches our skin has to make us feel like we just won the lottery. We tested, loved and deemed these products as one of the best in their category. They are worth your hard earned money.

Visiting the Catskills we stumbled upon Nest, a Livingston Manor shop selling furniture, eclectic accessories, spiritual tools, clothing and more. As any beauty editor would, we gravitated towards the skincare. This beautiful shop helped us find one of our favorite facial oils from Dear Botanics.

Dear Botanics Rose Glow Face Serum

Quench and regenerate thirsty winter skin with one of the most potent ingredients – rose. The serum’s heavenly scent comes from a powerful mix of oils: organic golden jojoba, organic virgin rose hip seed oil, organic virgin seabuckthorn fruit oil, damask rose essential oil and organic rose geranium essential oil. This serum promotes elasticity and works well on dry and mature skin types. Our favorite part is that the botanical skincare line is made in the Catskill Mountains by a native New Yorker, Stephanie Pappas.

Freedom All-Natural Eco-Friendly Deodorant

Feast your eyes on one of the most stylish and eco-friendly deodorants you have ever seen. Freedom Deodorant is female-owned, vegan and aluminum free. The 24 Hour Odor protection is neatly wrapped in paper packing, and comes in Magic Lavender, Black Rose, Berg-E-Mint, Coco-Van and Unscented options. The creator of Freedom, Ira Green, has seen too many of her friends being diagnosed with breast cancer. Hearing breast cancer specialists say that people should stay away from antiperspirants, she took matters into her own hands. This deodorant works so there is no longer an excuse for not going natural and aluminum-free.

Skin1004 Madagascar Centella Ampoule

Once in a while a brand comes along that just WOWS. Skin1004 is one of those brands. We cannot get enough of this hydrating and soothing ampoule. The moment it touches the skin you understand that it is meant to heal and balance. If you have sensitive or acne prone skin, live in harsh climates or a polluted city, pick up a sample and try it for yourself. It comes in as little as 30ml for $9. Considering the ingredients are pure and sourced from Madagascar, we are truly amazed at the price. I think we just found one of our top ten favorite skincare brands for 2022.

Codex Beauty Antu Radiance Mist

Mist your way to radiant skin! Codex Beauty Labs is another new favorite. The wintertime is harsh on the skin, making it dehydrated, dull and inflamed. A few sprays throughout the day will protect the moisture barrier, decrease unwanted appearance of pores and brighten the skin tone. We stock our mists in the refrigerator, helping the skin feel and look invigorated with every spritz. Codex Beauty Labs is known for results-driven ingredients, like witch hazel and citrus lemon peel oil. This mist is particularly great for those who find their skin lacking in glow, but always make sure to check the ingredients for any irritants that do not work well with your skin type. Ingredients in this product demand you use sunscreen, especially if you plan on being in the sun.

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