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Black History Month 2022: Healing and Soulful Self-Care With Tidal Streaming

There is no question that music speaks to the soul. Our bodies and minds react to different sounds, and when those sounds are positive or soothing we begin to heal. Harvard Medical School published a report that lists the benefits of music in a medical setting. According to their blog, “Healing through music“, music therapy eases discomfort during invasive procedures, restores lost speech in patients who suffered from a stroke or traumatic brain injury, decreases pain reception, helps improve memory and even physical coordination.

Make music a part of your self-care routine. Let it gently guide to towards relaxation, inspiration and self-confidence.

TIDAL streaming service is celebrating Black History Month with playlists like Soulful Self-Care, Black is Beautiful, Hip-Hop Workout and Black Girl Luxury. The global music and entertainment streaming service has dedicated its entire first week of Black History Month to content that encourages healthy living.

Download the TIDAL app and start exploring with a Free Plan.

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