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FāTH Is a Meditative Skincare Line That Will Have You Glowing: Conversation With Founder, Faith Appleton

Feel nature on your skin!

Let’s face it – we all have a lot on our plate lately. Thinking about what might be lurking in your skincare products should not be on your to-do list. Taking a deep dive into the infinite market of botanical and clean skincare we continue to emerge with new favorites. If you asked me to name all the skincare brands I love, I would name FāTH high up on the list. FaTH is an example of a brand that thrives on transparency every step of the way. Their small batch, soil-to-skin process, beautiful packaging, and mindful range of products help insert romance into our every day lives. For far too long beauty and personal hygiene brands remained a mystery. Today consumers pay a lot more attention to brand philosophy, transparency, ingredient sources and carbon footprint. Not only that, we have all learned to pay closer attention to the back of the bottle. I applaud FaTH for using EU quality standards, and for making my skincare routine a lot less stressful.

Every brand is only as good as the founder that created it. Find out more about the woman behind the brand. Read our conversation with the founder of FaTH, Faith Appleton.

Cultivated: This is a question I am sure you get a lot – tell me about the name FāTH?

FA: The name FāTH is an alternate spelling of my name, Faith. Faith literally means “complete trust and confidence in something.” This is the feeling we want our clients to have when they experience our products. Complete trust in our results driven formulation, our sourcing and our commitment to self and planet. 

Cultivated: What helps you choose ingredients for your products, and which are your personal favorites?

FA: I carefully selected all the ingredients myself after years of research. As a trained horticulturist, I have been testing plant extracts and their potency in regards to skin health for some time. On the farm we grow many plants, ranging from herbs, moss, fruits, shrubs, trees and flowers and these variations all formed the basis of my research into the most potent ingredients to use for the each product in the range. 

Cultivated: You just released a new product – Collagen Serum. What makes it special? 

FA: The Collagen Serum’s hero ingredient is murraya koenigii stem extract, or curry leaf extract, pressed from the leaves of the curry tree and sustainably farmed and respectfully harvested off the coast of India. Murraya koenigii extracts has been shown through trials to have an anti-gravity lifting effect on skin. It helps promote skin density and elasticity for an overall lifted appearance.

We’re excited to be among the first to formulate with a unique, little-known ingredient that helps skin defy gravity.

The first water-based serum from our line, The Collagen Serum combines herbal extracts from Ayurvedic and traditional medicine known to: stimulate and protect production of collagen and hyaluronic acid, relax facial muscles a la Botox to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, promote skin density and elasticity, and exfoliate and brighten for an overall appearance that’s smoother, firmer and brighter. 

Like all FāTH products, The Collagen Serum leads with innovative and high performing botanical ingredients that come together in signature silky textures optimized to absorb thanks to professional chemist formulation. Combining expertise in herbalism, emulsification and skincare delivery systems, our formulation process is designed to offer skin the best benefit from the finest botanical ingredients the world has to offer.

Cultivated: I understand FaTH is a family business. You grow and bottle your products. How hands-on are you, and what part of the process makes you fall in love with your work every single day?

FA: FāTH is indeed a family business and I’m honored that my children get to witness me building my dreams in bringing this company to life. Our business is centered around our family Farm and Formulary, which is where I live with my family, our three rescue horses, countless chickens, a handful of barn cats and two farm dogs. It’s also the home of our FāTH HQ, our bottling facility and our botanical research garden. While we presently don’t use our own ingredients in our final formulations, our farm serves as our living lab that is a constant source of inspiration. Our mission is to breathe life back into the land by conducting soil restoration projects, planting biodiverse botanicals and connecting back to the earth. It’s where we fall in love with new plants and dream up new formulations. It’s where I hang up from conference calls and rush off to dig my hands into the dirt between meetings. There is always work to be done on the farm; always an animal that needs love, a fox to gently chase away, a row of herbs that needs tending. It’s work I’m always proud to do because I know the farm has so many lessons for me.

I am extremely involved in every step of the formulation process from start to finish.  When I dream up a new product, I like to let the formula come to me over time. Sometimes I’ll have a product idea while walking around the farm, sometimes I wake up from a dream and rush to scribble down a new ingredient idea. I then take this horticulture insight to our amazing chemist (who also holds a PhD in Herbology) and she makes it a reality. She specializes in emulsification and skincare delivery systems and her ability to make the most luxurious textures and ground breaking formulas never ceases to amaze me. Our batches are always made in very small quantities to ensure that our clients are always receiving the most vibrant and potent skincare experience. 

Cultivated: Why did you feel you needed to make your skincare in accordance with European standards?

FA: Because the European Union has stringent laws for formulations with strict enforcements for efficacy and regulations. Working at this level, we knew our formulas were of the highest possible standards and universally trusted by our clients.

Cultivated: I read that when you were a child you created a muddled seaweed mask for your family. Any plans on re-creating a similar product in the future? 

FA: We are actually in the middle of formulating our first mask and hope to release it later this year!  It’s a bit of a departure from my original blender seaweed mask, but it promises to be luxurious and full of nature’s most potent ingredients.

Cultivated: What are some ways you unwind or practice self-care when not working?

FA: A cold dip in the Atlantic will always be my most treasured selfcare practice. When I can’t make it to the ocean, I opt for a long detox bath or a sweat session in my barrel sauna.

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