We are a modern indie publication devoted to keeping an eye on genuine beauty, wellness, culture and beyond. As mental health advocates, we strive to find healing in all we do. Our mission is to cut through the fluff and write stories that make a connection with the mind, body and soul. The connection to all three is highlighted through personal storytelling, insider interviews and expert tips. We are about truth telling and healing, not clicks. Join us to cultivate your own wellness, beauty and culture adventure.

Founder & Editor – Paulina Kajankova

Paulina has been a spa, beauty and lifestyle editor for over a decade – navigating various corridors of the beauty, fashion and wellness industries. She is the former associate editor for Insider’s Guide to Spas and online editor for the Organic Spa Magazine (where she launched the magazine’s first blog, Green Envy). As a regular Wellness Product Judge at the NY NOW Show and green beauty advocate since 2007, Paulina has been able to witness and contribute to the growing clean beauty movement.

As a Fashion Insitute of Technology graduate, artist, and creative brand consultant for various lifestyle and beauty brands, Paulina is additionally well-versed in marketing, social media content creation, and loves to watch brands grow. This lifestyle editor is open about her struggles with depression and anxiety. Seeking healing and beauty in the world is what fuels Cultivated content.

Paulina’s latest launch is The Soak Club – an At-Home Spa Concept Shop. The Soak club was created to help people understand the value of living the spa lifestyle. We are looking to build a community of people and help each other create better, and cleaner, beauty and wellness experiences. The Soak Club is a place where you get to be your own wellness hero and discover new products.

Paulina lives in New York City and is a frequent contributor to a book called, “500 Hidden Secrets of New York”.

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