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Zoom Makeup Calling: Simple How-To From Aveda

Want to look refreshed on zoom? Look no further than this zoom makeup tutorial from Aveda’s Global Artistic Director for Makeup, Janell Geason Aveda’s Global Artistic Director for makeup, Janell Geason, shows us how to execute a simple makeup look for all your zoom calls. This makeup how-to is natural, fresh, and gives you that bright-eyed and bushy-tailed look you need to look professional.

Understanding How Your Skin Works & The Importance Of It’s Wellness

Our skin never seems to get enough credit for its fascinating abilities to be there for us. It is our largest organ, one that holds everything together, yet we often neglect to think of its importance. Here are some examples of what skin does: our skin acts as a protective barrier, regulates our body temperature, shows off our overall well-being, and sends information to the brain through a network of nerve endings. How incredible is that? Since we spend a good chunk of our money on skincare and depend on our skin for its functions, I think educating ourselves on this organ is vital. HOW SKIN WORKS You might already know that skin is complex and greatly affected by our lifestyles. By understanding how skin works, you too can decode its complexity. Every day our skin absorbs and reacts to what we eat, how we feel and what products we see. The products you choose to put on your skin get absorbed into your body, and might end up in your bloodstream. In fact, one …

Best In Skincare: These Luxury Serums & Potions Are Worth Your Hard Earned Money

We did the work for you! These are the skincare products that deliver the potency and effectiveness you expect after you spend your hard earned money. While self-care can mean skincare, some of us have a hard time with large price tags attached to luxury skincare. There is no guarantee that they work, which is why we tested them for you. You don’t need that expensive serum to take care of yourself, but if you happen to feel like it, treat yourself to something that reveals your best skin yet. REVITALIZE & GLOW Dr. Barbara Sturm’s products are on everyone’s radar for a reason. Before the doctor launched her skincare line, she was known for developing innovative treatments like the “blood facial”. The German doctor has a cult following in Germany and American beauties have quickly caught on. As a non-toxic beauty advocate, I find it sad, but not surprising, that most luxury skincare lines contain harmful ingredients. Not Dr. Sturm’s. I decided to give her Glow Drops a try. If you look in the …